Saturday, July 10, 2004

sam and the goat

got a nice pic today....

sam rocking out with the goat in a field

more HORROR !

went out to the jeep today, to go for a ride, and it had a different idea...

the drivers side beat me down, and tried beheading me !!

the tail gate got sam. the rear-end.... OF FURY !

airplane dropping

sam fell out of our small prop plane while dusting crops.

and again !

as for the plane.....

tradegy strikes our heros

AHHH !!!! OH NO !!!

always trust a professionl to change a tire.

i was just looking for stuff when the shed began to EAT ME !!!

sam was gonna use the ladder for something constructive, but it got the best of him !!!!!

day one of being published

this is post one of our public record, these things happen when you get bored enough.

some lovely chalkoutlines, tragic ?! NAH !!!

CLEARLY using a sickel in battle.

big kitchen sink, then a huge fat guy sat on this guys chest !